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Institute of Economics (FGN-HSG)

Prof. Christian Keuschnigg

Professor for Public Economics
We aim at excellence in research, teaching and scientific policy advice with a specialization in public economics.

Christian Keuschnigg joined the University of St. Gallen in 2001 as a professor of economics, especially public economics. See bio for a short biographical Information.


Moving to the Innovation Frontier
2016, March 22: CEPR published a new EReport, edited by Christian Keuschnigg. It collects essays from five leading economists on the importance of innovation, competition and structural change. Please get the EReport, read the press release and the VOXeu column. The report is based on the keynote lectures of the CEPR workshop on innovation based growth in Vienna, early 2015. Please find more information including a film here.

CEPR Public Economics Annual Symposium 2016 in St. Gallen 
CEPR London and University of St. Gallen (FGN-HSG)
May 19 - 20, 2016, St. Gallen, Einstein Conference Center
The workshop is jointly organized by Henrik Kleven, LSE, and Christian Keuschnigg.
Alan Auerbach, University of California at Berkeley will give the keynote lecture on “Tax Reform in an Era of Budget Stress, Inequality and International Mobility”.
Conference Website

A Center for Scientific Policy Advice
Christian Keuschnigg and collaborators are engaged in scientific policy advice with a focus on Austria. They initiated a new center based in Vienna, “Wirtschaftspolitisches Zentrum”. Please visit the website and inform yourself about studies, shorter essays, commentaries and media contributions.

Further information

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