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Institute of Economics (FGN-HSG)


This section provides information on current activities and developments at our institute.


New publication by Martin Kolmar in JEBO
2013 - New publication in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization by Martin Kolmar
(with H. Rommeswinkel)


New publication by Martin Kolmar in Economic Letters
 2013 - New publication in Economic Letters by Martin Kolmar
(with M. Hoffmann)


4th edition Macroeconomics textbook by Manfred Gärtner
 2013 - Manfred Gärtner’s textbook Macroeconomics was published in its 4th edition. In addition to updated data and facts, case studies and a new chapter deal in depth with the recent financial and debt crises


New publication by Christian Keuschnigg in JIE
3.2013 - New publication by Christian Keuschnigg (with Michael Devreux) in Journal of International Economics.
New publication by Stefan Bühler in AER
1.2013 - New publication by Stefan Bühler (with Dennis Gärtner) in American Economic Review.

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